Pet Dentistry

Pet Dentistry :

It is the art and science of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the teeth & oral cavity that leads to painless life for your pet.

Why pet dentistry?

Like humans animals need dental care to maintain not only healthy  teeth but also whole body because dental disease can cause systemic diseases.

The puppy when is born does not have any tooth.The first primary (deciduous) tooth appears about 3 weeks of age and in around 3 months of age puppy has  28 teeth.Primary teeth start falling  out about 2 weeks before the eruption of adult teeth. From the third month of puppy life deciduous teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. In 7 month old puppy has a full month with 42 permanent teeth.

In kittens primary teeth start erupting at 2 to 3 weeks of age and in 6th week of age a kitten has 26 primary teeth.In 5 months of age a kitten has full mouth with 30 permanent teeth.

There are so many factors that develop dental diseases in animals including: age, species, breed, genetics, chewing behavior, diet, grooming habit, dental malocclusion, patient health status, home care and bacterial flora of oral cavity.

Periodontal disease which is one of the most important teeth diseases is an inflammation and infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth.Unfortunately in advanced stages it leads to painful, bad smell mouth and loss  of teeth.Therefore paying attention to healthy of  teeth is necessary and with one time cleaning per year and applying toothbrush with using dental care food we can provide painless and longer life for our pets.

On the basis of scientific data every dog or cat after 3 years of age needs one time cleaning per year.

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