Why a dog or a cat shows gagging?

Definition: Gagging means sudden and consequent of  contraction of pharyngeal muscles which lead to special sound and movement of  pharynx but different from coughing.


1- Brachycephalic breeds like Pug dogs or Persian cats because of anatomy of pharynx.

2- Obstruction of esophagus with a large mass or piece of food

3-Entering of  a foreign body or a particle of food to trachea ( Gagging with coughing)

4-Any lesion or inflammation of pharyngeal area

5-Allergic reaction

6- After surgical procedure because of tracheal tube ( gagging with coughing )


On the basis of physical examination your vet chooses one or all of these procedure:

blood test, radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy


On the basis of diagnosis medical or surgical treatment can be used by your vet.

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