How can skin diseases of dogs or cats be prevented?

There are so many reasons for skin problems in dogs and cats from biting by insects to hormonal imbalances.However if you pay attention to these items the chance of skin diseases can be low.

1- Diet ; try to use high quality food to prevent from deficiency of nutrients like fatty acids and minerals

2-If your pet has allergy to food use hypoallergenic food

3-Use medications to prevent from biting by insects like flea, tick and mites

4-Try to brush hair of your pet every day

5-Bathing: once a month is enough, by so many washing you make opportunity for harmful bacteria on the skin

6-Using high quality shampoo or hypoallergenic shampoo for your pet

7-Availability of irritating materials like acidic or basic solutions is dangerous and contacting with skin can lead to skin problem

8-Prevent from trauma to your pet’s skin by having safe environment

9-Prevent from stress for your pets especially cats

10-Use private tools  when your pet is referred for grooming

11-If your dog or cat has only one testicle on the scrotum, neutering surgery to remove both  testicles is necessary

12-Finally refer your pet to a vet as soon as possible with the first sign of skin problem


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