Why a dog or a cat shows seizure ( epilepsy or convulsion)?

Seizure means rhythmic movement of a part of body or whole body.Convulsion is another name for seizure but in veterinary medicine most often epilepsy is used.Convulsion can be started from a part of body and then it can affect other parts.During seizure animals don’t have ability to control their movements and they show teeth grinding and frothy secretion from the mouth.Convulsion can be continued for a short time and after a period of rest it is started again-clonic convulsion- or it can be continued without rest -tetanic convulsion.


Epilepsy is a syndrome.It means it has some known  and also unknown reasons.

Some reasons include: inherited ( idiopathic epilepsy) , brain diseases like tumor, encephalitis, meningitis or trauma to brain , advanced liver disease ( hepatic encephalopathy), advanced kidney disease, some poisonings

Idiopathic epilepsy is the most usual convulsion in the dogs which is started between 3-5 years old.


It is on the basis of its reason.For example if a dog has meningitis , this disease has to be treated to get rid of seizure.In idiopathic epilepsy some special medications can be used during life every day to prevent from convulsion.In other situations continuing the medication is based on your vet decision.

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