Eyelid mass in dogs and cats

Mass means accumulation of cells. Theses cells can be malignant (bad) or benign(good).Almost one third of  eyelid masses is benign but sometimes it is malignant like melanoma.An eyelid mass can be situated on the edge of the eyelid or near it, on upper , lower or on the third eyelid.Third eyelid is situated on the medial aspect of the eye.On the third eyelid a part of lacrimal glands is situated.

Eyelid mass size  is different.At the beginning it is small and during the time it will be bigger and bigger. Most often it is black.The surface of it can be ulcerative or non-ulcerative. If it is ulcerative it shows bleeding.

Treatment: Surgery is necessary to remove eyelid mass.This surgery is a delicate one in which surgeon has to reshape the eyelid after removing the mass.For stitches very tiny stitches material is used.This can be absorbable or nonabsorbable suture.

About third eyelid mass, removing the complete eyelid is a mistake because  this procedure can lead to dry eye and a specific disease: keratoconjunctivitis sicca

After surgery using antibiotic eye-drop or cream and e-collar at  for two  weeks are necessary to prevent from infection and scratching.

Complication: eyelid notch, infection and  returning the mass after several months.


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