Bladder stone in dogs and cats

Bladder stone is common in dogs between 1 to 12 year  of age.Stones can be made in both sexes but clinically most often it is seen in males because the diameter of the urethra in this sex is smaller than it in female.Also the length of the urethra in males is longer.Therefore pushing out the stones from urinary system in females is more possible.The size and the shape of stones can interfere to ged rid of them by washing out.

Sometimes bladder stones can move to the urethra and they can be trapped in the urethra.Bladder stone can be with urinary infection.

Clinical Signs

Frequent urination,difficulty in urination,bloody urine,strong- smelling urine,sometimes vomiting, willing to drink so much water and fever.


Diagnosis should be done by physical exam,bladder palpation, blood test,  x-ray and sonography.


If a urinary infection is present, treatment with appropriate antibiotics should be instituted.If the urinary obstruction is complete,It should be opened by catheter.On the basis of the size and number of stones treatment can be medical or surgical.In following pictures the stones in the bladder and out side of Shilo’s body ( female dog) are seen.

SHILO_SHILOR_001shilo bladder stoneSHILO_SHILOR_001 (1)

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