Cognitive Dysfunction syndrome (CDS) in dogs and cats

This illness is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans.In CDS some parts of brain specially cerebral cortex become atrophy.Cerebral cortex has several vital duties like behavioral reaction.Atrophy is a pathological process in which a tissue starts to become smaller than normal-shrinkage.Atrophied tissue is an abnormal organ which cannot do its duties. Apparently in dogs and cats a gene is involved in this illness.

Clinical symptoms:

The age of affecting by CDS in small and large breed dog is after 12 and 6 years old respectively and in cats with more than 10 years old.

The first symptom is lack of social interaction behavior which can be diagnosed by the owner easily.Also wondering specially at night, aimless walking, periodic sleepiness  and awakening, loss of appetite and weight loss.


There is a range of mental exercise to help to your pet to postpone the disease that your veterinarian can advise you.Although  there are some medications to help nervous system- brain-  to have a normal activities but mental exercise can have more effects.


Activities including mentally and physically plus antioxidants in food for old pets is a practical way to prevent from this illness.It has been approved in people who are mentally active in old age the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is low .For this reason mental activities can prevent from the brain atrophy and physical activities cause more blood circulation to all organs which can prevent from muscle atrophy and dysfunction-losing weight.

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