When is necessary for my pet to visit it’s veterinarian ?

First puppy or kitten visit:

In this visit your veterinarian can have a complete exam to recognize congenital or acquired diseases and do deworming.Also  having a schedule for your pet vaccination.

Annual check up or wellness exam:

To diagnose illnesses in their first stages

Sudden blindness:

The source can be from retina, glaucoma or nervous system problems

Redness eye:

Because of  foreign body, conjunctivitis or KCS

Yellow Sclera:

Due to red blood cell lysis or liver disease

Corneal diseases:

White or red spots on the cornea or complete  blue cornea

Unequal pupil size:

It shows nervous system problem

Eye discharge:

Foreign body or eye infection

Bump on the eyelid:

Cellulitis or tumor

Inflammation around the eyes

Because of trauma, fracture or dental abscess

A protrusion eye:

Most often something happened behind the eyes and it needs ultrasound

Painful eye:

It is impossible to open the eyelids because of eye illnesses

Secretion from the ears:

Ear infection causes secretion, itchy ear and bad smell

Runny nose:

Can be serous like water or viscus or bloody because of nasal problem or respiratory system diseases

Head deviation or twitching:

Nervous system problem or ear disease

Asymmetry face:

It can includes unilateral lip, nose and eyelid paralysis due to nervous system illness

Changing voice:

Due to pharyngitis or laryngitis ,lack of voice shows laryngeal paralysis and it needs immediate attention

Incoordination or ataxia:

Walking like a drunken , falling or rolling because of nervous system involvement

Neck or back pain:

Due to disk diseases

Flaccid tail:

Because of trauma or spinal cord involvement


Lameness is occurred via fractures, nerve disease, tendon rupture , joint disease,nail problem or muscle involvement

Lack of defecation and urination:

Pain or nervous system involvement


Primary:Epilepsy , secondary: consequence of liver or kidney disease


Due to cardiac , nervous system illness or advanced anemia

Color change of skin:

Due to endocrine disease because of accumulation of melanin in the skin or tumor

Bump on the skin:

Hematoma, abscess, inflammation, tumor, nodule

Scratching the ears, licking  paws and around anus:

It shows skin disease which needs to treat

Licking around anus and scooping:

Anal gland diseases

Bump around anus:

Abscess or tumor

Hair shedding:

Allergy, internal parasite or endocrine disease

Severe  scratching of the skin :

Skin parasites, allergy, internal diseases

Drooling and salivation:

Poisoning, internal diseases,choking

Tongue rolling or licking the lips:

Dental problem, gingivitis


Nasal problems, foreign body in nasal cavity, tumor,Asthma


Laryngitis, tracheal diseases, pneumonia, cardiac diseases


Cardiac or respiratory system diseases, anemia

Lack of appetite or decreased appetite for more than 24 hours:

It shows your pet needs exam to find it’s disease because every illness can make this sign

Furacious eating:

Internal parasites, endocrine diseases, pregnancy

Losing weight:

Nutritional problem, chronic diseases

Bad odor from the mouth:

Dental problem, kidney disease, diabetes, gastric diseases

Mass in the mouth:

Tumor, abscess

Difficulty in swallowing:

Painful mouth or pharyngeal paralysis

Vomiting if it is repeated:

Esophageal and gastric illness, intestinal inflammation, liver or kidney disease, poisoning, food indiscretion

Abdominal distention and pain:

Gastric dilatation or torsion, intestinal obstruction


Deprivation from water, megacolon in cats, pelvic fracture, pain around anus,intestinal paralysis ( ileus )

Diarrhea for more than 24 hours:

Food indiscretion, internal parasites, poisoning, intestinal inflammation, pancreatitis, liver or kidney disease,immune system disease

Bloody diarrhea:

Black poo or fresh blood in  poo due to bleeding from stomach or intestine

Vomiting with diarrhea:

It is emergency situation due to gastroenteritis


Even minor accident needs exam because it can have delay to show the  symptoms of system involvement.

Biting by another dog or wild animals:

Biting injects the bacteria in deep tissues which leads to inflammation and infection

Skin rupture:

Most often it needs stitch

vaginal discharge:

It can be pus because of pyometra

Frequent urination or unable urination:

Kidney disease, urinary infection, bladder stone or blockade

This situation in male cat needs immediate exam

Red urine:

Blood parasites, poisoning, bladder stone, trauma to urinary system,tumor

Color change of milk:

Trauma, mastitis

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