Diarrhea in dogs and cats

Definition : Diarrhea is a soft stool like paste  or liquid which causes high frequency or high volume feces .Sometimes diarrhetic feces is with digested blood. The term of Melena is used in this situation. Diarrhea in pets can be a simple  or a complicated problem. Also on the basis of its duration it can be categorized in  acute or chronic diarrhea.

Sources of diarrhea:

A-Small intestinal diarrhea: high volume with increased frequency of defecation. Melena and vomiting  can be associated with this  diarrhea.Here are some reasons of small intestinal diarrhea :


-Viral and bacterial infections

-hepatobiliary diseases, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, intestinal obstruction

-Renal disease


-Food intolerance or allergy

-Endocrine disease like hypoadrenocorticism

-Metabolic disease like hyperthyroidism in cats

-Autoimmune diseases


B-Large intestinal diarrhea:small volume with high frequency of defecation.Most often fresh blood and mucus are seen in large intestinal diarrhea.Colitis is the term which is used for  large intestinal diarrhea.Reasons of this diarrhea are;

-Infectious diseases

-Food allergy




Diagnosis process includes physical exam and then on the basis of findings could be included blood test, fecal exam, radiography, sonography, endoscopy and even exploratory surgery.


Treatment is done on the basis of diagnosis but  hospitalization and fluid therapy is the primary step of treatment in acute form of diarrhea.


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